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FAQ About Captain Allen's Boat Tours

What do you offer? We Offer watersports such as wakeboarding, water skiing, kneeboarding and tubing. We also offer snorkeling at egmont key, island hopping, shelling, dolphin watching, bar hopping and sunset cruises. And you can combined any of these together depending on how much time you do. Unfortunately we do not offer fishing, parasailing or jet skis. 

Does it cost extra do the watersports or snorkeling and do we need our own gear? No it does not at all. All of the gear and life jackets are provided. My most popular trip is a 4 hr which we will do some watersports, then go do some snorkeling or stop off at an island. 

What kind of boat do you have? She is a 2019 26ft Monterey M-65 named, Making Memories. It's a open bowrider style boat which gives us plenty of space and not feeling cramped.  

How many people can it hold? The boat is rated for 12 people, unfortunately Coast Guard Regulation will only allow 6 passengers at a time and yes little kids and babies still count lol. If you have more than 6 please call so that we can accommodate you. 727-709-0088

Are there restrooms? Depending on which location we leave from, there are restrooms at the docks but not on the boat or where we are going.


Can I make a reservation and how far ahead should I book? Yes you can call/text captain Allen at 727-709-0088. I always recommend booking asap. We do not have multiple boats or captains, I am just a one man one boat operation.


Is there a cancellation policy? We do have a 48 hr cancellation policy. If you give us at least 48 hrs then there is no fee. If it is within 48 hrs, there is a $50 canellation fee. If its within 12 hrs it's a 50% refund and if its within 5 hrs you are responsible for the trip. If we have bad weather which is determined the day of and at our discretion, then there is no cancellation fee for that. 

How much fuel will we use? This all depends on what we are doing, how many people we have on board and water conditions. Usually a 2 hr trip for watersports is around $20-$35 and a trip out to the islands or snorkeling at egmont key is around $35-$50. A 4 hr trip with a combination of watersports and snorkeling is around $45-$75. 6 hr trip is usually $50-$100. Just depends on how much water sports you would like to do compared to snorkeling or spending time on an island. Price of fuel also depends on how many people are on the boat and the price of fuel per gallon. 

Do you allow infants on board? We do allow infants and we do provide life jackets for them. Anyone under the age of 6 is required to wear a life jacket at all times while on board the vessel. 


When should we arrive? We ask that you arrive 15 min early so that we can sunscreen and use the bathrooms before we hop on then we can get out on the water on time.

Do Kids and infants count as people for the 6 passenger rule? Unfortunalety they do count. Per the Coast Guard regulation they go by head count even if it is an infant. Believe me I wish it were different lol. So the max that I can do at a time is 6 passengers but if you have more than 6 please reach out to us so we can explain how we can accomodate your group. 


How much more does it cost if we have more than 6 people?  For each person after 6, is an addition $40. 

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