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Allen's Aquatic Adventures: Egmont Key Tours/Trips

Discover Egmont Key in Florida On A Private Boat tour

Egmont Key is one of Florida's beautiful historic landmarks that is only accessible by boat. It once served as a camp for captured Seminole Indians after the Third Seminole War and later Fort Dade was built on the island as the Spanish American War was encroaching. It’s now among many Florida beaches that serve primarily as a wildlife refuge and escape for those looking not only to experience history but also to escape to its pristine beaches.


During our Florida tours you will be able to go snorkeling near a sunken fort, take a guided tour around the island, go shelling in Egmont Key, and walk the beautiful beach which has far fewer people than our land-access beaches. The tour will visit the light house (standing since 1858), provide a chance to see some of Egmont's many Gopher Tortoises, visit several historic forts with breathtaking panoramic views and see the many building ruins that were once the foundations of Fort Dade. Learn more about this treasure here. View pricing about our guided tours around Egmont Key in Florida,

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